“Perfect Day” Sleep Exercise

“Perfect Day” Sleep Exercise

Many years ago, I started a nightly exercise in visualization: I imagine my absolute perfect day as I fall asleep. Over the years, the details have become so crisp, I feel like I’m there inside that made-up moment . When the lights are turned off each now in my *real* reality, it feels like this place -a place that exists solely in the safe confines of my mind- embraces me and welcomes me home.

It’s an exercise in indulgence: Life with no rules, no limits, and no responsibilities. Think about it.. if you could live literally any way you wanted, what would your day look like? It truly surprised me just how simple my wildest dreams are.

Here’s what my visualization consists of:

My eyes open. The sound waves splashing against a surface greet me. I squint and can see sheer white curtains gently blowing in the breeze, a piercing blue beyond them. My bed feels like I imagine a cloud would feel. It too is white with pillows and fluffy comforters enveloping me. I feel a little lost in the softness. I lay there for long moments and soak in the tranquility of the morning.

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

It must be early – 7:30, maybe? The windows are all open allowing for gentle breeze to move throughout the house. As my eyes adjust to the morning light, I feel a peace wash over me. The room is stunning – open floor plan with comfortable chairs and nooks in every direction. Windows surround the house giving a 360° view of bright blue water. The house is a beach bungalow, propped gracefully on stilts in the water.

The kitchen is to my left. As I make my way out of bed and towards the coffee maker, I notice how smooth the floor feels on my bare feet. I start the kettle to hand-pour a cup of coffee, grab my yoga mat, and head out to the patio.

Outside, I roll out my yoga mat and step onto it with intention. A few deep breaths followed by a gentle few moments of Sun Salutations. The stretching helps to invigorate my mind. I can feel my muscles relaxing and my body warming up for the day.

After a relaxing morning practice I head back in to make my coffee and grab my favorite notebook.

There’s a comfortable lounge chair waiting for me outside near the yoga mat. With coffee now in hand, I start writing in my notebook: tasks for the day, thoughts as I stare out into beautiful endless blue water, goals for the month.. Anything that comes to mind, I jot it down.

I love starting the day with a brain dump. It clears my mind and allows me to focus. I check over the list I made of blog topics and choose a topic to start researching. I plan on spending today, like every day, soaking in all the sea has to offer while researching and writing content for my website [Well, maybe a few chapters on a good book and a nap are in order, too].

As I finish the last, wonderful sip of coffee, my stomach rumbles and I shift my attention to the kitchen for breakfast. Though my diet includes chocolate indulgences and rich carbs, this morning I’m craving fresh fruits. I make my way to the kitchen nook; it’s just to the right of the bedroom at the back of the house. The shelves are lined with gourmet delicacies and delicious looking snacks. I choose my fruits from the counter and fridge and carefully begin washing and cutting.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Once plated, I take a seat at a small table near an open wall in the main living space. I especially love the vibrant colors of the fruits in contrast to the woods and whites adorning the rest of the house and often find that I choose these meals as treat for my eyes.

The fruit is delicious – the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. I take my time finishing breakfast before cleaning up and sitting at my desk.


And that’s always as far as I get – never even to lunch – before I fall fast asleep every night.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you have a nightly ritual to assist with falling asleep? What about your “Perfect Day” visualizations? Share them in the comments below!

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