What Does Monocle Coast Mean?

What Does Monocle Coast Mean?

Choosing the right name for a business takes considerable thought.  It has to be memorable, but simple.. Unique, but not too far ‘out there’.. It can be nerve-wracking and frustrating when you’re so ready to get started on your business, but are stuck on something as simple as a name.

I, however, found the effort to be an enjoyable process. I started with my favorite notepad, pen, and a brain-dump. I wanted a name that accomplished a lot of tasks at once: provide coastal imagery, gave a sense of community, and also wouldn’t pigeonhole into one specific topic or product.

I divided a blank page into two separate columns: one of descriptive words and one of community/destination words. From there, I narrowed down the top two-three from each column that best fit my aesthetic and intent, and rested on the results for a few days.

Days passed, but I couldn’t get ‘Monocle’ and ‘Coast’ out of my mind. They were the clear winners.

To me, “Monocle” is a nod to a more sophisticated time. The word fosters posh and classic imagery, which I adore. I hope to live up to this imagery with in-depth historical studies of beaches and coastal towns world-wide to best assist readers in finding the travel or relocation destination of their dreams.


Photo by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash


“Coast”, on the other hand, is more modern. The imagery created here is simpler: white sand beaches and endless water.


Photo by Jacob Repko on Unsplash


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