I’m 31 and I’ve Had 28 Jobs.

I’m 31 and I’ve Had 28 Jobs.

Last night, standing over the stove waiting on macaroni to boil,  I found myself deep in impromptu career-planning thought. I’ve always felt my career inclinations were stark opposites compared to most people my age. Most have a strong urge to climb the corporate ladder. Most voluntarily stays late every night to “put in hours” to constantly stay on superiors’ radar.  Most are hard-working sacrificers, and relentless go-getters . Most sees value in running themselves thin because they recognize the payout to come down the road in the form of promotions and raises.

I, one the other hand, have no desire to climb any ladders. I have a terrible habit of inadvertently viewing every position as a novelty: once I conquer the basic skills to be successful in a role, I mentally check that off the list and immediately want to move on. It’s like a light switch turns off. Every ounce of desire to perform well and continue to learn goes out the window and is replaced by a desperate urge to never return to that place again.

I do it over and over. It doesn’t matter how “cool” the job is or how badly others would kill for that position, my light switch just shuts off. It usually happens around the 8 month mark.

So here I find myself, 8 months into “amazing” my current role… waiting to make a plate of macaroni, and -out of the blue- telling myself I’m ready [again] to quit my job.. Like, tomorrow.

Which is why I’m 31 and I’ve had 28 jobs.

There was real progression in the early years. When I was younger, I dreamed of polishing my skills as a pastry chef and opening a Bed & Breakfast in a small beach town. But as I grew into a successful, competent chef, a funny thing happened: I realized I wasn’t actually passionate about Pastry.

I realized that when I was in high school, I thought people attended college to study what they were good at, not what they were passionate about. I attended Culinary School because I showed real talent in the kitchen. But the longer I worked as a chef, the clearer it became that my passions were elsewhere.

So back to the drawing board.. I began exploring other career types; experimenting with different roles and industries. I even went back to college for a second degree in Global Studies with a concentration in Human Diversity and Multiculturalism.

And the years passed.

Take a look:

  1. Teddy Bear Factory – Cashier
  2. Logan’s Roadhouse – Hostess
  3. Law Practice – Receptionist
  4. Bi-Lo – Deli Associate
  5. Godiva – Chocolatier (Tallahassee)
  6. Cold Stone Creamery – Cake and Kitchen Manager
  7. Governor’s Club – Asst Pastry Chef
  8. Antonios – Pastry Chef
  9. Cold Stone Creamery – Cashier (Brentwood)
  10. Gaylord Opryland – Pastry Chef
  11. Godiva – Chocolatier, opening manager (Opryland)
  12. Provance Breads – Overnight baker
  13. Norwegian Cruise Lines – Pastry Chef
  14. Chateau Marmont – Executive Pastry Chef
  15. Universal Orlando – Guest Service Cashier
  16. Universal Orlando – Pastry Chef
  17. Godiva – Chocolatier (Orlando)
  18. Baby Cakes – Pastry Chef
  19. Publix – Baker
  20. Gaylord Opryland – ICE! Attendant
  21. Gaylord Palms  – Barista
  22. Gaylord Opryland – ICE! Attendant
  23. Gaylord Opryland – Banquet Server
  24. Gaylord Opryland – ICE! Attendant
  25. Gaylord Opryland – Front Desk Agent
  26. American Cancer Society – Community Manager
  27. Gaylord Opryland – ICE! Attendant
  28. Universal Orlando – Attractions Supervisor

Nothing stuck. I began feeling lost and confused. The older I got, the more apparent it was that my destiny is not a ‘corporate ladder’.

But recently it has occurred to me that “career” is a fluid term. My definition doesn’t have to be the popular definition. I’m tired of beating myself up because I don’t fit the mold everyone uses for “career”. This past year has taught me that I DO still have a lot to offer the world.

Turns out, I’ve learned a substantial amount through these 28 positions: resume proficiency, interview hacks, an endless list of skills in travel and hospitality. And now I’m here to share that knowledge with you. Because unconventional careers are still careers. And together, we can create lives we never dreamed were possible.

6 thoughts on “I’m 31 and I’ve Had 28 Jobs.”

  • Wow. I can’t relate to having that many jobs but I can definitely understand what it feels like to get ‘bored’ quickly. I’m always changing what it is I want to do. I’ve learnt to accept that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing despite what society thinks. As long as I continue to grow and develop as a person and most importantly stay happy! Wishing you the best!

  • Wow that was a great post girl. Plus you worked on some of my favorite places like Godiva, cold stone which is amazing. I am sure you have great experience with all these places.

  • I haven’t quite worked 28 jobs…but close! I think you may be like me- multi-passionate! It’s impossible to settle into one thing. In fact, one single job forever is the most scary, boring thing I can imagine. There is so much more to the world than that!

  • Keep being you. Just figure out your skills, and highlight them. Long gone are the ages of one career for life. I say, explore the options. You only live once!

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